Arkham Iskakov

Arkham Iskakov is one of the descendants of the great poet, who made a huge contribution to Abai’s science. His father, Kakitai Iskakovich, is a cousin of Abai, who published the first collection of Abai in St. Petersburg in 1909. He took down  the biography of the poet. Arkham Kakitaevich was born in Shyngystau ( area of ​​large Akshoky). Akshoky is the settlement of his grandfather Yskak since 1860. According to Kazakh traditions, the firstborn Arkham was brought up by his grandfather Yskak. At the age of 4, he grew up with Abai, listened Kazakh speakers and singers-improvisers. His grandfather Iskak sent to study him  at a age of nine to a madrasah. At the madrasah he could reached of  the level of reading books in Arabic and Turkish. When Abai died, he was nineteen years old and he well acquainted with the works of the classics of Western and Eastern literature, which Abai knew perfectly. After the death of Abai, in 1907, Arkham together with his father collected verses of Abai to publish in Semipalatinsk. After the death of his father, Arkham began to collect the instructive Abai’s words of Abai, his experiences, some unpublished verses and his personal things.

From 1939-1940, Arkham was invited to take part in the formation of the Abai heritage and the organization of the Abai memorial museum in Semipalatinsk. His began to work as a museum scientist and then Arkham was sent to the Chubartau and  Abai districts to collect exhibits about life and creative work of the poet Abai Kunanbaev. In the same places he collected more than seventy memories of the poet and enriched the museum’s manuscript fund. Arkham made considerable contribution into poetry with his historical poem  “Zagipa” , was published by  publishing house  “ Writer”  in 1961.

He died on January 31, 1963 and he was buried in the village of Karaul.