Muka Adilkhanuly

Muka Adilkhanuly is one of the most talented students of Abai. He is  a dombrist, violinist, singer, poet, performer. Abai highly appreciated  his talent.

He was born in Zhanasemeysky district, Semipalatinsk region (now East Kazakhstan region). The birth name is Muhamethanafiya.

He got  primary education at aul mullah. His family was engaged in arable farming, and therefore the father wanted Muka to continue his work. But Muks’s love to art played a role in his fate.

At the beginning of the summer his family traditionally moved to Balta-Tarak (25-30 km from Semey). Against father’s will  Muka Adilkhanuly came to Semey, where he met the musician Garifolla. Garifolla taught  him to play the violin.

Later,  Muka Adilkhanuly met Abai and got acquainted with Abai’s poetry and his musical creativity and he brought Abai’s ideas to the people.

As a character,  Muka Adilkhanuly  was described by Auezov  in the novel “The way of Abai”. In Semey, in 1909, a contest of dombra players, violinists, and singers was held in the People’s House. Here Abai’s students, like Muka Adilkhanov, Almagambet Kapsalamov, Mukhametzhan Maybasarov took part in this contest.  Muka Adilkhanov was a winner of this contest.

After the death of Abai, Muka Adilkhanuly and other Abai’s followers continued to propagandize the heritage of the great thinker.

Muka died in 1927 at the age of 70. His grave is in the Koken Mountains.

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