Uais Shondybayev

Poet, composer Uais Shondybayev was born in 1873 in the village of Barshatas, Shubartau district, Semipalatinsk (now East Kazakhstan region).

Since childhood, he was gifted, sang songs, composed music.  He lived in the vicinity of the Tobyktins, residents of the aul of Kosai, Nuraly, and was with them in close friendly relations.  Uais was a student of Abai, he wrote the songs “Peruaiym”, “Shubartau”, “Shyngistau” and others. In 1894, together with Kokbai, Akylbai, Magauya, he entered the poetry school of Abai.  He created the poem “Ivanushka the Fool” based on the tale of P.P. Ershov “The Little Humpbacked Horse and the dastan” Zhoshy-Alasha Khan “, based on the story” Kyryk uazir “, wrote the dastan” Bir kyzdyn okigasy “and several poems.

Scientist, researcher of Abai, researcher of Kayum Mukhamedkhanov, collected the works of the poet, wrote a preface and a commentary, published 2 books (“Uakyt Ornegi”, Almaty, “Zhazushy”, 1988zh. “Abaidyn akyn shakirtteri”, Almaty, 1994, 6-volume).

Works written by Shondybayev in the period from 1916-1921.  belong to political and social lyrics, reflect the revolutionary spirit of that time.  In the poems “Kenshilik kedeilerge zaman bar ma?”  (1916), “Dunie baikaganga bir ken sarai” the poet glorifies the freedom of the people and the call of youth to protect their land.

All his work is a reflection of the position and mood of the Kazakh society of the 20s of the XX century.  The works of Ways Shonbybaiuly were published as a separate book in 1987 by the Zhazushy publishing house.

The first poems of the poet reflect the mood and panic of the people during the revolution and civil war in Russia, and the following verses correspond to the period when the rule of Bolshevism in Kazakhstan was just beginning, the country was falling apart and the world was changing.  A clear sense of modernity and a clear assessment of the poet, doubts and fears about this vividly reflect the mood of Kazakhstani society in the 1920s.

In the summer of 1925, Kokbai and Uais met at a party organized in honor of the singer Amire Kashaubayev in the house of the famous Semipalatinsk patron of arts Karazhan Ukibayev.  That evening, Kokbai asked Uais to sing several songs in honor of Amre Kashaubayev.  Despite a sore throat, Uais sang several songs.  Soon after these meetings, the poet died and was buried on September 29, 1925 in the Shi area of ​​the present Abai region.


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