Tanirbergen Amrenov

National akyn – Tanirbergen Amrenov was born in the Chagan volost of the Semipalatinsk district, in the Kara Buzhur area. His father, Amre, died when the boy was only seven years old. The future poet, folk singer  Tanirbergen  had a difficult childhood. The grievances inflicted by the Bai sons, poverty and hardship constantly accompanied him.

Despite all the difficulties, his mother obtained to give him education. Seven-year-old Tanirbergen began to attend the lessons of the fanatic mullah at the local madrasah.

An inquisitive and capable boy studied  not only with the mullah ,he enriched his knowledge with the aul teacher G. Tyurebaev. Having learned to read and write, he gets acquainted with Arabic fairy tales, oriental poetry, oral folk works.  Abai’s works became the university of poetry for his whole life.

If it were not for the Great October Revolution, who knows, perhaps the poetic talent of an orphan boy would have died. Tanirbergen, as an ordinary worker, took an active part in organizing a new life, collectivizing agriculture. In 1930, Amrenov wrote poems full of joy and pride in the new Soviet system. These poems were published in the Semipalatinsk regional newspaper. It was the first publication of the young poet.

For the first time T. Amrenov performed  at the republican aitys in Alma-Ata in the terrible 1943, when a strong poetic word was extremely necessary for the people. During aitys T. Amrenov competed with M. Zhapakov and Zh. Nurmaganbetov, and  he won in the aitys.

Akyn Amrenov has not only a rich poetic talent, but also an artistically sensitive, emotionally rich manner of performing his works.

The creative work of the poet and akyn-improviser is various and multifaceted. Amrenov’s poems and aitys were published in the newspapers “Socialist Kazakhstan”, “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda”, “Irtysh”, “Semey Tany”, in the magazine “Zhuldyz”. His works were included in the collections “Akyns are performing”, “Songs of akyns” and others. He published three books – “Aitys”, “Zhumbak tas”, “Zhol muraty”.

Amrenov’s poems not only deserved a response in the hearts of readers, but also the attention of prominent literary critics.

He died in 1985 in Semipalatinsk.


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