Abai in the languages of the world

Auezov M. The path of Abai/ editor I. Muslim; translation by Zumrad.- Tashkent: State publishing house of fiction of the UzSSR, 1957. – 464 p. (in Uzbek).

The first Kazakh epic novel “The path of Abai” by Mukhtar Auezov became the beginning of a series of world famous historical novels. In his novel Auezov described the spiritual values of the Kazakh people and their national traditions at the encyclopedic level. Auezov’s novel “The path of Abai” was called by the French writer Louis Aragon “one of the best works of the 20th century.” The epic novel was first translated into Russian, and then mainly from the Russian version into many other languages of the world, including South-West Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia and Southern Europe. The third volume of the epic novel “The path of Abai” in Uzbek was thanslated from the Kazakh version of 1952.

Auezov M., Kenzhebaev B. Abai is a great Kazakh poet. – Alma-Ata: Kazakhstan state publishing house, 1945 .– 32 p. (in Russian)

The book written by the great writer Mukhtar Auezov together with the literary critic Beisenbay Kenzhebaev was published in the year of Victory and of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Abai. The spiritual and creative connection between the two writers continued throughout Aeuzov life. Mukhtar Auezov admired the high moral qualities of the scientist. Despite the fact that the author of the novel “Abai” was politically “unreliable” and he was prohibited from publishing this book by the Central Committee, the editor-in-chief, risking his freedom, published the book in 1942.
This brochure tells about the life and work of the outstanding Kazakh poet Abai in Russian. The publication presents literary research on the creative work of the great poet.


Silchenko M.S. Abai – Classic of Kazakh literature: Transcript of a public lecture. Alma-Ata: Kaz state publihing house, 1945 .– 113 p. (in Russian)

Researcher of Russian literature, researcher of Abai’s works, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, Honored Scientist of the Kazakh SSR M.S. Silchenko systematically studied Abai’s works. The scholar defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Creative biography of Abai”. M. Silchenko has published more than 30 scientific articles :“Realism of Abai”, “Examples of Abai and Krylov”, “Source of Poetic Inspiration” and research works “Abai”, “Abai. Essays on life and work ”in periodicals. M. Silchenko in his work “Abai. Essays on life and work “described the formation of the personality of the great poet, which included next themes:” Childhood “,” In the madrasah of Akhmet-riza “,” In the aul of the father “,” Friends “, ” The first verses “, “On behalf of Kokpai”, “Summer”, “Muse of fiery satire”, “Tatiana, Russian soul”, “Dombra and lyre”, “Thunders of indignation …”, “Thunderstorm of the spirit …”, “Abai-aga “,” Plots wandering “,” Poems “,” Gaklia “,” In a hundred years ” The book was published under the editorship of K. Meleshko.